Map Of National Parks In The United States

There are 58 National Parks in the United States…click here for a free, printable map of National Parks.

As you can see on a map of the National Parks, the parks stretch from Maine to California, and include two National Parks in Hawaii and eight National Parks in Alaska.

California also has eight National Parks, Utah has five National Parks, and Colorado has four National Parks.

Not pictured on the map of National Parks is the National Parks in the US Territories, one in the Virgin Islands and one in the American Samoa Territory.

Go ahead and have fun with the map…print out the National Parks map and circle the National Parks you’ve already visited. Or print out the map of National Parks and highlight the ones you want to put on your “bucket list” – places to visit before you die. Or better still, print out the National Parks map and tape it to the dashboard of your RV or pin it to your bulletin board…that way your next planned adventure will always be on your mind.

When you’ve seen all of your favorite National Parks in the US, head north, where 42 National Parks of Canada await!

Click here for a complete list of the US National Parks.

Click here for a list of US National Parks, by state.